What We Do

Consult with our medical professionals through a video call and receive your medication anywhere. Health at your fingertips. Fast, convenient care.


Video Consultations

Consult a variety of healthcare specialists through a video call from one of our Udok Facilities.


All-in one service

Have your health examination, screening and testing, health diagnosis and  prescription in one facility.


Electronic Health Records

Access your health information anywhere.


Smart Technology

We make use of specialised medical devices during the consultations to diagnose and treat you.


Personalised health plan

We create personalised treatment plans according to your healthcare needs.


Health information

We provide you with evidence based and up to date information specific to your health condition.

The Benefit Of Being With Us

  • Convenience

  • Time-saving

  • Care for anyone

  • No appointments

  • Access to health records

  • On-the-spot diagnosis

  • Money saving

  • No monthly costs

  • Up to date health information

  • Continuous care

Your personal healthcare experience is only a click away. Receive your medication anywhere.