What We Do

Online Consultations

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, Udok aims to use their expertise and specialised platform to curb the spread of COVID-19, connecting doctors with patients to determine their need of physical healthcare and ultimately flattening the curve by ensuring infected public remain isolated unless physical care is necessary and that you don’t need to risk leaving the safety of your own home to see a doctor.


Who needs to be tested?

The process:

1 - Sign up
2 - Request a consultation
3 - Pay online
4 - Speak with a doctor
5 - The doctor will issue you a lab form
6 - You will need to complete a Person Under Investigation (PUI) form
7 - You will be directed to your nearest lab depot
8 - A nasopharyngeal swab will be taken at the lab depot
9 - Go home and isolate
10 - A doctor will contact you with the result and advise on further steps